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Jan 14, 2021

In the first episode of 2021, guests from 2020 answer the question, “Did you have a backup plan?”

2:00 Becca Kötte- Broadway actress and recording artist

2:22 David Valentine- Puppet builder at Jim Henson Co.

2:56  Lauren Hirsh- Broadway child guardian

3:22 Clyde Voce- Actor

3:58 Sarah Schreiber-WWE backstage correspondent

4:07 Ross Evans- Screenwriter

4:44 Katie McClellan- TV, film, theatre & voiceover

5:36 Tim Murray- Actor, comedian

6:25 Grace Douglas- Story producer, unscripted (reality) TV 

7:25 Mariand Torres- Broadway actress

7:49 Logan Jones- General manager, About Face Theatre, Chicago

8:30 Jenna Rubaii- Broadway actor

9:21 Alanna Saunders- Broadway actor

10:09 Anne Cofell Saunders- Television writer, executive producer

10:55 Lindsay Levine- Casting director

11:21 Carrie Compere- Actor

11:42 Sara Andreas- Broadway Actor and Julie Fleischer- TV writer, script supervisor and Sara’s mom

12:29 Joshua Henry- Artist and Performer

13:02 Josh Fiedler- Producer

13:17 Travis Cloer- Broadway actor, Las Vegas performer, recording artist

14:00 Nick Francone- Scenic designer for theatre, art director for television and film

14:33 Theresa Squire- Broadway costume designer

14:47 Shaun J. Brown- Actor, writer and producer

15:13 Maya Lynne Robinson- Film, TV, stage actress, and writer/producer

15:37 Michael McElroy-Tony and Grammy nominated Broadway performer

15:54 Qui Nguyen-TV and film writer and playwright

16:18 Chantal Bilodeau- Playwright, founder of the Arctic Cycle organization

16:42 Bliss Griffin- Entertainment industry inclusion strategist

17:023 Kiki Rivera- Theatre artist and playwright

17:21 Jerry Jay Cranford- Director, choreographer, performer professor

17:50 Laura Camien- Writer, producer, Co-host of The Spark File podcast

18:18 Vincent J. Cardinal- Chair of University of Michigan Musical Theatre

18:33 Alisa Hurwitz- Psychologist, Dr. Drama